BÖWE Black Forest Edition


BÖWE presents the „Black Forest Edition".

This year BÖWE has come up with something very special. Not only because of the fact that BÖWE has always been a driving force in the market through innovations since its founding in 1945 and that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the company. No, also the product philosophy, which for years has had the lowest solvent consumption in the industry. This low solvent consumption is possible, among other things, because BÖWE has been relying on coatings for years. The electro-phoresic metal surface coating is now used in many components of the PremiumLine. Especially areas of dry cleaning machines that are susceptible to dirt and lint, this special coating has been applied for years. For example, the drum rear wall, bearing flange, cooling register, fan housing, etc. are equipped with this cataphoresic coating.

BÖWE is strongly convinced that other manufacturers will continue to use this process in the near future as the advantages are obvious. It is a pleasure to demonstrate how a drop of water crosses a tabletop and falls down on the other side. That shows how smooth the coatings are. With the special model "Black Forest Edition", BÖWE not only wants to draw attention to the company's headquarters in the Black Forest, but also makes this special coating visible for the dry cleaners. This is why many components are also coated with this coating on the outside. Cleaning the solvent tray is therefore possible without any problems. Even the button trap basket can now be cleaned by wiping without a brush or compressed air. As all BÖWE machines use only high-quality stainless steel and brass components, no paint is used in the production of the dry cleaning machines. This means that all stainless steel parts are glass bead blasted and the pipes and valves are not painted with silver paint. This requires increased care, especially during assembly, to prevent scratches to the components.

One of these machines has already been installed in the new showroom at BÖWE. Anyone interested can get an idea of the consumption values and the cycle times in the "BÖWE Academy", which is equipped with digital measuring counters.

Technical Information:


Loading Capacity:  12 -15 - 18 - 21 - 26 - 30 KG

Heating:  Electric / Steam heated

Design:  Slim- or Crossline

Solvent Tanks:  
3 in stainless steel, glaspearl blasted

Rotation Filters:  


HC, Silicone D5 Greenearth, Solvon K4, Intense, Higlo

Advantages of a BÖWE Machine:

- Patented dynamic drum perforation
- Fractional distillation
- Round, self-cleaning water separator
- Spraying unit for water proofing
- Solvent cooling by refrigeration unit
- Automatic still rake out system
- New angled tank bottom
- Round air duct
- Direct-Connect for remote maintenance
- Cataphoresic coating of back plate, cooler, fan housing,
safety trough, panels, button trap basket etc.
- 5 years parts warranty on condensor and Viton® flaps
- Paintless stainless steel parts